Private Property Parking Enforcement

private property towing

Do you deal with illegally parked or unauthorized vehicles left on your commercial or residential property?  Do you wish you had someone to call that could remove these vehicles quickly and safely? Always Towing & Recovery works with various Johnson County commercial and residential properties to assist them with the removal of illegally parked vehicles.

Always Towing & Recovery will remove vehicles when necessary, and you won’t be charged for this service!  We understand that dealing with unauthorized vehicles on your property is stressful enough. We put the responsibility on the vehicle’s owner, saving you time and frustration!

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Private Property Towing

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private property towing

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private property towing
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Call ALWAYS first!!!! They are kind, courteous, knowledgeable, and have the equipment to get the job done right!!! We used a different company who made us wait 4 hrs and then couldn’t even take us. Called Always and they were there within an hour with the right equipment. They were personable and concerned with our well being. They said they get lots of secondhand calls like ours. Just save yourself the trouble and call them first!
Caitlin Dobran
They fixed my car when the alternator went out down in Coralville. We lived two hours away and I was nervous that it wasn’t going to get fixed right but they had it working the next day. But I couldn’t make it down till two days later. I’m so thankful for them. There really nice. If I ever have problems again and were in the area I’ll be calling them again.
Amber Lyn Lee
We had amazing service from Always Towing and highly recommend them if you are in such an unfortunate position. We found ourselves stranded on I-80 north of Wilton this Sunday evening. Our insurance company initially sent them 32 miles in the wrong direction, but Always Towing made sure that we were taken care of as quickly as possible. After 900 long miles on the road today, this guy was truly our hero.
Laura Peters
These guys rock! Thank you so much for working when you didn’t have to (a Sunday, after hours, and when you were supposed to be home with family). You made my day so much better because I was able to get home to my family a day earlier! Yesterday was a blessing!
Andrew Kamerman
Great company, great people with a great reputation! Trust these guys, they have the correct equipment for the job to get it done rite and damage free the first time!
Dylan Delagrave
Ran into trouble today called you guys Trevor came out found out I had a loose oil filter followed Trevor back to RJ’s mechanic shop next door he gave it the once over and a good bill of health we’re back on the road to Nebraska thanks for your help peace of mind is worth a lot of money thanks guys.
Conrad Good